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From human bones to taxidermy pieces, the duo will hit the road to obtain whatever it is their client demands.

In every episode, Mike and Evan employ their intuition and expertise to identify what's the real deal, and what shouldn't make the cut. "I have a hard time trying to communicate with people...skateboarding's a way for me to communicate..." -Mark Gonzales, Professional Skateboarder Even though the above quote was written by an athlete, I think it fits the theme of the show quite nicely.

A spinoff of Oddities, Oddities: San Francisco, debuted June 23, 2012 on the Science Channel with co-star Wednesday Mourning.

This series focuses on another antiques store, Loved to Death, which is located in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district.

But it wasn’t just collecting baseball cards…I obsessively collected baseball cards until my whole room was filled.

And then I moved on, and it became more art-based, and then I got into the oddities world. It’s a mid-size hunting dog from the Victorian era, obviously someone’s pet.

And she wouldn’t bombard the house with them like I do now with my collection.

The show follows crazy transactions as big, odd memorable characters come in out of the famed store Loved To ...Well, there typically is a piece that sets you into like a fury…a piece that sets exactly what you are going to collect for the next 5 years. It was in a really nice glass case and at the time I didn’t have a car or anything.I called my dad, who was living in Jersey, and he picked me up at in the morning in Manhattan, and we drove all the way out to Yonkers to go to this estate sale. I was hoping he would humor our little blog with a mere email correspondence, but instead, he was kind enough to chat with me on the phone last week. My mom had it to an extent, but she wasn’t obsessive compulsive like I am.So if you’re wondering what a real child’s skeleton might cost you these days, or you have questions about bejeweled human skulls, look no further…(Photo courtesy of Ryan Matthew)Alright, so let’s start with the obvious, how did you get into collecting? She collected old quilts and baskets, things like that.

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A robust assortment of scenesters, hipsters, and pretty young things — all of them much better dressed than the average CMJ attendee — collected in the bar's basement for the official launch of Wreckroom Records, an exciting new music space in Adrian Grenier's Brooklyn home. Read Full Story Adrian Grenier and a lady friend look very summer-y and very chic while attending at the launch of Eva Longoria Parker's fragrance "Eva" launch.

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She’ll never stop seeking wisdom, and whether you realize it or not, she’ll teach you more than you ever thought you’d learn. If she can read a novel cover-to-cover, despite how many times she’s wanted to put it down, she has the capacity to deal with your shortcomings.