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The operative attribute however is that the device can access any required record immediately on demand.The opposite is sequential access, where a remote element takes longer time to access.[1] A typical illustration of this distinction is to compare an ancient scroll (sequential; all material prior to the data needed must be unrolled) and the book (direct: can be immediately flipped open to any arbitrary page).

Net Imports System Module m Public Class base Dim a As Integer Public Sub dis() My Class.printdata() End Sub Public Overridable Sub printdata() console.writeline("Base Class") End Sub End Class Public Class derive Inherits base Public Overloads Sub dis(By Val s As String) My Base.dis() console.writeline(s) End Sub Public Overrides Sub printdata() console.writeline("Derive Class") End Sub End Class Sub main() Dim d As New derive d.printdata() d.dis("By Derive Class method") End Sub End Module //some more programs about 10 more // 2.1 Write a program to give example of implicit and explicit type conversions.

In computer science, random access (more precisely and more generally called direct access) is the ability to access any item of data from a population of addressable elements roughly as easily and efficiently as any other, no matter how many elements may be in the set. For example, data might be stored notionally in a single sequence like a row, in two dimensions like rows and columns on a surface, or in multiple dimensions.

However, given all the coordinates, a program can access each record about as quickly and easily as any other.

A more modern example is a cassette tape (sequential — one must fast forward through earlier songs to get to later ones) and a CD (direct access — one can skip to the track wanted, knowing that it would be the one retrieved).

In data structures, direct access implies the ability to access any entry in a list in constant time (independent of its position in the list and of list's size).

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